Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Outfits

I love Valentine's Day. While I believe that every day is a perfect day to say "I love you"...I think Valentine's Day is an especially good time to say "You mean so much to me."


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In honor of this very special day, I did a photo shoot. I have been impatiently holding onto these photos for a week!

The goal with this shoot was to be as creative as possible without spending a penny. I have to say that I am thrilled with the results of my work!

I knew that I wanted to use a white backdrop and incorporate hearts into it. I spotted this craft on Martha Stewart's website...

Crayon Hearts

...and knew it would be perfect. I strung them onto white thread and hung them across the backdrop. I think it creates such a neat effect!

Valentine themed outfits are a problem for me. I decided against going with the usual novelty prints and opted for plain old pink. The key was to make the plain old pink as fancy as possible! For Traveling Noelle and Marisol's tops, I used Liberty Jane's pattern...

Liberty Jane Tee

...and I embellished Noelle's shirt with a chiffon flower and paired both tops with skirts.

I have a thing for setting my heart on complicated projects. My thought line is that it won't be that difficult...but I quickly find out that there is a lot more involved than I had ever dreamed. Project Impossible this time was a pettiskirt. I created it using this pattern...
...but I do not know if I could ever do it again. It was just too much work. I have to say though that these pettiskirts are the most amazing things on earth! I would have loved to wear one when I was a little girl.