Sunday, October 17, 2010

Empire Peacoat - NEW PATTERN!

Missed out on yesterday's sales? Here is your chance to create your own cold weather fashion.
Introducing the Empire Peacoat sewing pattern!
This coat is the perfect warm (and pretty) outer layer for the fall and winter months!
To purchase this pattern, click the link below...

Empire Peacoat

Saturday, October 16, 2010

FOR SALE - Empire Peacoat

Thanks everyone!
Up for sale is a classic peacoat with empire styling! This coat will be sold on an order only basis.
To reserve one, send me an e-mail at I do not know how quickly they will sell out, so your order as soon as you can! I will not accept any orders after they are sold out.
This coat is made from a high quality chocolate jersey wool. It has working buttons in the front. There's nothing faux about this coat! The coat is lined and all seams are finished.

When will my order be ready?

I should have your coat ready within a week after you place your order.

I have been selling my doll clothing for years and have yet to have a customer who has been unhappy with the results. I am committed to doing high quality work! Buy with confidence!
Price - $25 (This includes shipping and Paypal fees)
Quantity Available - 0
Payment Method - Paypal is strongly preferred

Friday, October 8, 2010

Create Your Own -- Pirate Outfit --

One of the questions that I am asked frequently is how I made the pirate outfit Jess was wearing in my recent pirate post. The truth is that I didn't make this outfit...not really! Just for fun, I am going to share how I came up with this outfit and how you can do the same.

- Base Layer - Start with something simple, like undergarments. For mine, I used Felicity's shift that comes with her meet outfit.

- Bottom Layer - Tucked away in the pile of dress-up clothes that I constantly used growing up, is a frilly white girl's slip. If I fold it just so, I can "shrink" it down and create a wonderful skirt that fits the dolls! As an overskirt, I used pieces from the outfit below that I sewed. Using safety pins, I pinned up the skirt in front and then concealed the pins by tying ribbons onto the safety pins.
If you don't have a petticoat, you could even use a pair of bloomers under the skirt!
- Corset - Once again, I made use of the corset from a previous outfit. This time though, I turned it around so that it laced up the front. Corsets are easy to make and can be as simple as a strip of fabric with eyelets placed at each end!

- Hair & Accessories -
I was inspired by Jack Sparrow for Jess's hairstyle. To do it, I tied a strip of fabric around Jess's head and then braided some pieces and let them go over the band.
For a cool accessory, I made use of a necklace that was in my jewelry box. If you had a little dagger, that would make a great accessory as well!
A pirate outfit is fun thing to create. Chances are if you have a few bits and pieces here and there and use your'll design a great pirate outfit!