Saturday, August 28, 2010

...It was the end of summer at Grandfather's plantation...

...Elizabeth was gathering some flowers to press and share with Miss Manderly...

...when Felicity came running over the hill out of breath...

...Felicity whispered something into Elizabeth's ear...

..."We're being what?!" Elizabeth cried out...

..."We're being archived!"...

...Farewell Felicity & Elizabeth...


  1. Awww! We will miss you, Lissie and Lizzie! So sweet.

  2. Beautiful! They're both stunning. So sad. :(

  3. Great post- absolutely gorgeous pictures!

  4. My mom says AG tried to archive Felicity about six years ago. I guess they're trying again. :( I wish Felicity or Elizabeth would come to live in my town; they're so pretty! I love your pictures, as always.

    -Kit :D

  5. Those pictures are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its so sad that they are retiring them so I'm saving up for them but its still so sad that they are going! =[

  6. Whew, your pictures are gorgeous! I've been trying to resist the lure of Elizabeth (we've already got Lissie). I've got a feeling I won't be successful.

  7. What beautiful pictures!! I'm so sad about Felicity and Elizabeth. :(