Friday, October 8, 2010

Create Your Own -- Pirate Outfit --

One of the questions that I am asked frequently is how I made the pirate outfit Jess was wearing in my recent pirate post. The truth is that I didn't make this outfit...not really! Just for fun, I am going to share how I came up with this outfit and how you can do the same.

- Base Layer - Start with something simple, like undergarments. For mine, I used Felicity's shift that comes with her meet outfit.

- Bottom Layer - Tucked away in the pile of dress-up clothes that I constantly used growing up, is a frilly white girl's slip. If I fold it just so, I can "shrink" it down and create a wonderful skirt that fits the dolls! As an overskirt, I used pieces from the outfit below that I sewed. Using safety pins, I pinned up the skirt in front and then concealed the pins by tying ribbons onto the safety pins.
If you don't have a petticoat, you could even use a pair of bloomers under the skirt!
- Corset - Once again, I made use of the corset from a previous outfit. This time though, I turned it around so that it laced up the front. Corsets are easy to make and can be as simple as a strip of fabric with eyelets placed at each end!

- Hair & Accessories -
I was inspired by Jack Sparrow for Jess's hairstyle. To do it, I tied a strip of fabric around Jess's head and then braided some pieces and let them go over the band.
For a cool accessory, I made use of a necklace that was in my jewelry box. If you had a little dagger, that would make a great accessory as well!
A pirate outfit is fun thing to create. Chances are if you have a few bits and pieces here and there and use your'll design a great pirate outfit!


  1. How creative! Thanks for sharing your secret with us. :)

  2. Love the ingenuity! I'm making one of my own for Josefina.